Beginner tutorials who don’t help beginners?

Beginner tutorials who don’t help beginners? | Christian Heilmann

As someone who’s tried in vain to find tutorials in the past that actually reflect good practices, this article strikes home for me. 

We need tutorials that are done right, that don’t teach bad habits, and above all, are mindful of security at every step. The programming practices advocated by many tutorials are the exact reason why we still see mistakes like buffer overflows, string format vunerabilities, XSS, and SQL injection – programmers learn their fundamental skills without security awareness – therefore making security a perpetual afterthought.

The problem isn’t exclusive to web programmers – all programmers need to learn fundamentals of good programming, rather than just the basic concepts – even if it makes the examples more complex, security can’t be an afterthought, it has to be intregal to the art and practice of programming.


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