Wanted: A web without walls.

The internet has evolved into “just” the web, and the web has evolved into a system of walled gardens.  Information wants to be free, but instead, constrained within these walls, it’s stiffled. The massive gains we were promised by social networking, and networking in general have never been realized.  Cloud computing hasn’t lived up to its potential either. Instead of a seamless world, the cloud has just given us more walls and compartments.

I want a web without walls, clouds that truly are connected, data that I can move anywhere, access anywhere, and use and share as I see fit. And I want this web to respect my privacy and security above all else.

Mashups should be nearly automatic across many different services. I’ve got tasks in Google Tasks, my company’s basecamp, and various bug trackers. Is it too much to ask to be able to work with them all in one place?

What do we have to do to make this happen – cloud services that are unobtrusive, portable, and seamless, and cloud applications that don’t care what service you use to store the data?


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